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‘Spa time’ is great and it’s amazing how it can add another dimension to your home and the quality of life for you and your family.

  • The feel good factor that the thought of a Hot Tub or Spa can give you at the end of a working day is something really special.
  • A place of sanctuary or contemplation, away from the rigours of the ‘rat race’.  A time for you or a time for sharing with your partner, family and friends.

The pleasure is all yours !

But these things are already common knowledge to Spa and Hot Tub owners …

This website doesn’t need to preach to the converted but it’s sometimes good to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are.

Sharing Spa Experiences

The Spa and Hot Tub Owner’s Blog is designed to help share our experiences and knowledge by spreading the word and helping other Spa owners and users get the most from their systems.

I’ll try to cover all aspects of Hot Tub and Spa Ownership on this blog and your comments and suggestions are always welcome at the bottom of each page.  Here are some of the main topics covered:


Planning for the installation of your new Hot Tub is a very exciting time.  However there are several design factors to take into account before the installation of your Hot Tub.

Spa Accessories

Hot Tub and Spa accessories can cover a wide range of products.  Find out what’s new and get some ideas for essential items and gadgets.

Water Quality Care

The quality of the water in your system will be one of the most important concerns as a Spa owner.  Build your knowledge and share your maintenance tips and secrets in this section about water care.

Snags & Solutions

The secret of keeping your system in good running order is often simply a matter of familiarizing yourself with its functions.  When Your Spa or Tub doesn’t do what you expect it may be worth checking out the Snags & Solutions. section to find a solution.

Spares & Repairs

It’s always good to know where you can get spare parts for your Spa or Hot Tub and you never know when you may need the services of an expertLINK.


Hot Tub and Spa safety is very important especially where children and infants are concerned.  See our page about Safety Rules & Tips.

Holiday Hot Tubs & Vacations

It’s great to get away on vacation but so sad to leave your Tub behind just when you’ll have more time to use it.  Taking a Holiday Hot Tub or Spa Vacation means that you can still enjoy Tubbin’, in new surroundings and with someone else taking care of maintenance !


This is where you can share your Hot Tub and Spa experiences and pictures from home and away.  Let me know about your tub and its features and I’ll post it up in the Share section.

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Spa and Hot Tub Owner’s

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