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Hot tub and Spa Water Care System Products Review | Spa and Hot Tub Owners Blog.com

6 Best Selling Hot Tub Water Care Chemicals

by Steve

Here’s our review of the 6 best selling hot tub and spa water chemicals sold on Amazon. Chlorine and bromine systems are still the most popular but many users are now keen to try alternative pre-balanced water treatments which can reduce the need for testing.

The featured spa water care products can be found on sale from Amazon USA, Canada and UK Europe.

Also see our “Water Care Key Facts” (down the page) about how to treat spa water.

Aqua Finesse Hot Tub Water Treatment System

  • Worlds first automatic water balancing system specifically for spa and hot tubs.
  • Treatment takes just a few minutes every week.
  • Kit includes everything you need for 3-5 months.
  • Gentle lavender aroma.
  • No discoloration of swimsuits or hair.
  • Dermatologist tested and environmentally safe

More info-

The Aqua Finesse spa water treatment offers an easier way to maintain your hot tub. Pre-balanced system reduces the need to check the pH or chlorine levels.

F- Aquafinesse Kit d’entretien complet pour spa et jacuzzi sans danger pour l’environnement.
D- AquaFinesse Wasserpflege Whirlpool.

Nature2 Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer

  • Mineral cartridge keeps your hot tub free from harmful bacteria
  • Reduces need for harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bromine
  • EPA-approved non-chlorine or bromine sanitizer system when used with Nature2 Cense
  • The stick can fit inside most filter cartridges for easy installation
  • Combine with Nature2 Cense® for EPA-recognized sanitization

More info-

What is Nature2 Mineral stick?
Nature2 is a water purification technology for spas and hot tubs that can be fitted in the filter. The stick uses the same minerals found in nature to trap bacteria and algae. Because Nature2 traps bacteria and algae, less harsh chemicals are needed to keep your spa water balanced.

It can be used to reduce the amount of chlorine or non chlorine you would normally use.
Some users recommend the use of chlorine shock material periodically and also a small amount of a non chlorine sanitizer each day.

How long can Nature2 stick last?
Nature 2 mineral sticks can last approx 3 months with regular filter cleaning. Increase the life of Nature 2 by using in conjunction with an ozonator.

D- Mineralkartusche W20750 für Spas. Die einzige EPA-Zulassung nicht-Chlor oder Brom Desinfektionssystem, wenn sie mit Nature2 Cense verwendet. Passt in die Filterpatrone für einfache Installation. Reduziert die Notwendigkeit für aggressive Chemikalien;weniger Hautirritationen.

NaturAqua All in One

  • Natural and ecological treatment for swimming pools, spas, and artificial lakes.
  • Ph Stabilizer, Water Clarifier, Chlorine Use Reducer, Controls Algae & Fungi.
  • Maintains your spa as clear and clean as spring water.

More info-

Naturaqua is not a chlorine substitute, but a chlorine use reducer which also kills bacteria. For Naturaqua to work on your portable tub, you really need to have a dispenser. The best is sand but cartridge can work as well. You can safely combine Biguanide with Naturaqua as both will be accomplishing their purpose independently.

Using Naturaqua you can achieve clean and crystalline water but only need a small quantity in a hot tub- about half a gram of in your filter.

2-Pack Hot Tub Spa Bromine Tablets

Bromine is often preferred as it gives off less of an odor compared to chlorine. Can also be less irritating to skin and eyes.

  • Bromine is an alternative to chlorine as a way to sanitize spa or hot tub water
  • The tablets fit in most spa feeders and floaters
  • Continuously sanitizes spa or hot tub
  • Pre – stabilized

More info-

How long does it take for the tabs to dissolve?
3 tablets in a floating dispenser should last about a week.

D- Brom ist eine Alternative zu als eine Müglichkeit, Spa oder Whirlpool Wasser desinfizieren Chlor. Brom nicht abgeben, viel von einem Geruch im Vergleich zu Chlor. Brom ergibt seidenweichen Wasser.

Clearwater Chemical Starter Pack

  • Good starter kit ideal for Spas and Hot Tubs
  • Chlorine Granules for disinfecting pools & spas
  • pH Plus for increasing PH of pool & spa water,
  • pH Minus for decreasing PH of pool & spa water,
  • Foam Remover to control & prevent foaming
  • 25 test strips to test for Total Alkalinity, Chlorine and pH.

F- Clearwater piscine traitement chimique kit de démarrage pour produits chimiques et Starter Pack accessoires.

D- ClearWater Starterset, chemisch, halbe Größe, für Home Spas und Whirlpools, inkl. Chlor-Granulat, pH Plus, pH Minus, Schaum-Entferner und Teststreifen, Spa-Behandlung und Chemikalien für Wasserreinigung.

Leisure Time RENU2 Renew Non-Chlorine Shock

  • Destroys micro-organisms, soaps, deodorants and oils
  • Buffered to prevent pH fluctuations
  • Prevents build up of chloramine

More inf0-

Fast-dissolving granular non-chlorine oxidizer helps break down residual oils, soaps and deodorants in the spa water.  Renew can also be used with chlorine water treatment to extend the life of chlorine and also to re-activate bromine systems.

Please note– Only add shock chemicals when you are NOT using the spa!

Water Care Key Facts

Here are some useful facts about how to treat spa water:

Test & Balance
You should always test the water before adding any treatment. To prevent damage from corrosion or scaling, as well as bather discomfort. The aim is to balance 3 perameters of the water chemistry- pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.

Test Strips
Always keep your test strips in a sealed container to protect them from moisture. Careful not to touch them with wet fingers.

Due to their small volume hot tubs and spas are prone to fluctuations in pH, so that’s why it must be monitored closely.
Low pH- Water with a low pH can cause eye and skin irritation, corrosion of metal components and chlorine loss.
High pH- Water with a high pH can cause eye and skin irritation, lead to crusty deposits on surfaces, cloudy water and poor chlorine disinfection.

Total Alkalinity
Total alkalinity has a great effect on the pH balance of the water.
Keeping Total Alkalinity in its proper range will prevent wide swings in pH.
If the Total Alkalinity is too low then the pH becomes difficult to control. High total alkalinity causes pH to drift upward and makes lowering it difficult.

Calcium Hardness
Water with high calcium hardness has a greater tendency to deposit rough, unsightly scale on surfaces and equipment.

The aim is to always keep an adequate residual of free chlorine in the water, while eliminating all combined chlorine.
Chlorine’s sanitizing and oxidizing effectiveness is highly dependent upon the pH of hot tub water.

Bromine has some advantages over chlorine for hot tubs and spas.
Bromamines are good sanitizers and don’t cause an objectionable smell or any irritation as with chlorine.
When it is is added to water, it forms the sanitizer and oxidizer.
Another benefit of bromine is that its effectiveness isn’t significantly affected by pH changes in the range normally encountered in hot tubs.

Bromine is very susceptible to degradation by the UV rays in sunlight, so always keep your hot tub covered when not in use.

Some hot tubs have ozonators which create ozone gas which is an extremely powerful (but very short-lived sanitizer) and oxidizer.
Ozone doesn’t eliminate the need for a chlorine or bromine residual, but their use can be greatly assisted and reduced.

Your System

Which water care system do you prefer to treat your spa water?

Please let us know in using the comments form below.

Thanks for reading.

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