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Hot Tub Tables and Spa Accessory Trays- Review | Spa and Hot Tub Owners Blog.com

Reviews of Spa Tables, Trays and Snack Rafts

by Steve

When using a spa it’s essential to drink lots of fluids, especially water.  A hot tub cup holder, table or accessories tray will add shelf space to your spa and help keep your snacks safe and secure.

Hot tub spa caddy tray swivel    Find

Cup Holders and Trays
There are many hot tub cup holders and caddy trays available to suit the various types of application (see our reviews below).

They range from tables which fix to the side panel of a ridged hot tub to easy install “drop over” side mount trays and also inflatable floating raft types.

As hot tubs can vary, be sure to check that the method of fixing the tray or table is suitable for your spa before purchasing. This is especially important for inflatable hot tubs such as PureSpa and Lay-Z which may vary in rim diameter and rely on the curve at the top of the wall to secure the cup holder or tray in place.  Also check if the mounting brackets allow for a curved or straight sided hot tub.

It can be a good idea to use several smaller trays to prevent overloading, and in most cases the units will need to be removed or folded away before closing down of the hot tub lid.

Types of Spa Trays & Holders

Side Mount
Side mount drink holders and snack trays are designed to fit over the rim of the tub. Those suitable for inflatable hot tubs will usually be held in place by the curve of the rim and a spring action clip.
For ridged hot tubs a side table or tray will either lay over the side with the bracket locating in the outer rim or be secured to the hot tub outer panel by screws.

Ground Standing
If you prefer to have a bit more flexibility in your hot tub table or drinks holder then a floor mount or ground standing caddy may be a good option.
They stand next to the hot tub rather than fitting on the side which can be safer and avoid spillages.
There are various types of ground mount hot tub caddy ranging from simple cup and drinks holders to those with trays which will take a heavier load. Some will also act as a towel holder.
The best ground standing hot tub table will be able to rotate enabling you to swivel the tray into position.
This action allows you to swing the tray out of the way when it’s not required.

Floating Trays – Accessory Rafts
Various floating trays (spa rafts) are designed to hold not only drinks and snacks but also books, tablets and phones. It’s even possible to have an inflatable floating ice box, ideal as a cooler or chiller.

Product Reviews for Spa Trays & Holders

Side Mount Holder Tray For Inflatables

Hot Tub Cup Holder Tray

PureSpa Cup Holder- Drinks Cup Tray for inflatable hot tub

  • Holds 2 standard size drinks containers.
  • Fits the Purespa and Lay-Z Spas and also similar sized inflatable tubs in the Intex and Bestway ranges.

How does the cup holder fit?
It is curved in shape to fit on top of an inflatable spa. The pressure of an air filled tub side and spring loaded grippers is what holds it in place.

Will the hot tub lid fit?
The cup holder tray can be taken off and folded up for storage when you want to fit the hot tub cover.

It may be a good idea to use two cup holder trays to avoid overloading.

More info for PureSpa Cup Holder

Aqua Tray Spa & Hot Tub Table

Hot Tub Cup Holder

  • Small tray to hold beverages and refreshments
  • Fits over rim of a ridged tub or spa

How does the tray attach to the side?
This tray can expand or contract in order to fit the rim of the hot tub, it can then be locked in place.

Will it fit a round tub?
Although it’s adjustable it is best suited to a hot tub with straight sides.

More info for Aqua Tray

Hot Tub Spa Side Table- Grey

Hot Tub Drinks Tray Table

  • Slides over the edge of a hot tub or pool.
  • Adjustable leg to fit a variety of wall thicknesses

Is it a sturdy product?
Yes. It is quite a strong table/tray.

Would this table fit over a 6 inch wide toprail of an above ground swimming pool?
Yes it should fit.

Does it fit an Intex round inflatable Spa?
Yes it fits up to most hot tub spa size edges.

How small will the adjustable legs go?
The table leg is adjustable to zero.

More info for Hot Tub Spa Side Table

Aqua Spa Snack Tray- Black

Hot Tub Snack Tray in Black

  • Adjustable leg fits a variety of wall thicknesses
  • Best suited to fit straight sided spas
  • Strong plastic build
  • Overhangs outside of the spa allowing more space inside

More info for Aqua Spa Snack Tray

Folding Hot Tub Spa Shelf with built in Towel Holder

Hot Tub Retractable Tray Shelf

  • Convenient fold-up/down tray
  • Folds away flat to side of spa when not in use

How does it fix?
The tray fixing brackets need to be drilled into the side panel of the hot tub.

More info for Retractable Spa Shelf

Ground Standing Combined Towel Rack with Cup Holder

Ground standing hot tub towel holder with cup holder

  • Tray has built-in cup holder that can hold up to 2 standard size water bottles
  • Holds towels close to the hot tub for an easy reach

What height does it reach?
It’s adjustable height from 34 to 50 inches- 890 to 1270mm

More info for Towel Rack with Cup Holder for Above Ground Pools

Spa and Hot Tub Bar Refreshment Tray

Hot Tub Floating Tray

  • Fits over side of tub
  • Or can float as a snack raft

How does it fit to the hot tub wall?
You can stabilize the float on the side wall by weighting the pouches with water. These can also help when floating.

More info for Refreshment Bar Tray

Inflatable Ice Box Chiller and Bottle Holder

Floating Hot Tub Ice Box

  • Fill with ice to keep drinks chilled
  • Holds standard sized drinks bottles

More info forInflatable Ice Box Chiller

Aqua Reader- Floating Book/Tablet Accessory Caddy

Aqua Reader Book Tablet Float For Hot Tub

  • Read books, magazines, or use Tablets in a pool, bath, or hot tub
  • 60 degree angled backboard
  • Includes Book and Tablet Retainers to secure material on-board
  • Can rest hands on-board

Is the item durable?
Yes. The AquaReader Caddy is made from UV and chemically resistant plastics.

Is this item easy to use?
Users say it’s comfortable and well balanced.

Is AquaReader suitable for hot tubs and baths?
Yes. The seats and in hot tubs and spas provide excellent positions for using the AquaReader, as does reclining in a bath.

Will my book or tablet get wet?
No, not if splashing and over-loading is avoided.  Applying too much weight and size can lead to tipping and instability risking failure to remain upright. Experience will guide your judgement to what is too much and what is not.

Do I need a book retainer?
Yes, books normally have strong bindings that resist opening.  The retainer forms a cavity for which the book rests and holds it open and securing it to the backboard.

More info for Floating Book/Tablet Caddy

Inflatable Floating Drinks Holder

Hot tub spa floating drinks tray

  • Takes 6 standard sized small bottles or cans
  • Central holder for largercontainer

More info for-


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